About Us

Xiamen DBS Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. focusing on the ship, vehicle field of satellite TV receiving. Xiamen DBS is the industry's leading travel satellite TV receiving solution providers, set research and development, production, sales and service in one, is committed to providing professional, customer cost-effective travel satellite TV receiving scheme, products cover the ship, satellite TV automatic tracking system, a receiving ship VSAT a two-way communication system, and the multimedia carrier with high-definition LCD TV, and playing system etc..

Xiamen DBS with a satellite navigation tracking, phased array antennas, multi sensor data fusion technology leading R & D team, and to cooperate with the world first-class universities, to employ more than a satellite TV receiver domain experts as technical consultant. Through continuous participation in the project level Key Laboratory of satellite TV receiving areas of national development, to master a number of core technologies, and has a large number of intellectual property rights. The creation of"DIBSAT" brand, has become one of the domestic and foreign travel satellite TV receive market competitive products.

Xiamen DBS and  won the bid for Zhejiang and Guangdong fishing boats TVRO programs, and to more than 80 domestic and foreign RV, business car, yacht factory equipped products.  Xiamen DBS marketing and customer service service network covering all over the country, now the country with more than 100 after sale service outlets, 7 Service Center; to further enhance the quality of service after sale, after sale service system in Xiamen broadcast star electronic technology limited company is a comprehensive upgrade to the information service platform, the establishment of a unified national service hotline at 18850312295 for 24 hours.

Looking to the future, Xiamen DBS will be adhering to the "people-oriented, quality to win the trust, respect, the core value of the new country" concept of customer, and strive to build the whole world satellite TV broadcasting service.